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Our Mission

We teach children vital concepts in environmental science, sustainability, and the unique New York City ecosystem that surrounds them. During the earliest stages of their educational development, we encourage kids to think in new ways about the world around them through activities, experiments, and discussions, inspiring them to bring the message of environmental stewardship home to their families and friends. In this way, we cultivate the next generation of passionate caretakers of the earth and promote sustainability from the youngest members of society up.


Our Schools

Since 2009, Sprout Up has has founded 7 chapters in 5 cities across California and 2 universities in NYC, training over 1,600 college students to volunteer and bring our 8-week environmental education program to over 15,000 elementary school students.


By sending energetic college students into first and second grade classrooms throughout the city, we attempt to motivate and inspire young children to become passionate caretakers of the earth. In so doing we hope to inspire a love of learning and of the natural world in our students, all at no cost to schools. 

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