The Sprout Up Journal

See it to Believe it

We’re back! Sprout Up’s winter programs are in full swing. Our instructors are trained, our kids are pumped – the only thing missing is you!

Watch this video to join us in experiencing the magic that takes place in a Sprout Up classroom, each and every week.


 Interested in visiting one of our classrooms? Email us!

Spring has Sprung

A wrap-up of the Spring 2013 Program

Spring 2013 has been a gigantic growth period. You could say we’ve truly “sprouted up” more than ever before!

We continue to teach more kids with each and every program. In the Spring 2013 Program Period alone, 215 college student-instructors jumped into 107 classrooms teaching 1,025 1st & 2nd-graders!

To date, we have taught a total of 5,245 children.

It is incredible to reflect and see just how much our community cares about the future of our youth and the future of our Earth. Thank YOU for giving Sprout Up the ability to constantly grow.

Investing in Our Youth 2013

A recap of our 2nd Annual Gala & Auction

On May 11th we held our 2nd Annual Gala & Auction event, raising an amazing $16,000!

Huge “thank you’s” are definitely due to every donor, the live entertainment (Sky Tuned and the California Honeydrops rocked it!), our dedicated volunteers, incredible family members, and the wonderful guests that made it a night for the record books.

And even bigger props are in order for our Events Team who put the entire event together. To our Director of Events—Elizabeth Davidson—and the entire team—Kate Nollner, Brianna Saez, Kim Comeau, Liz Rosbottom, Kelsey Carter and Melissa Lobato—thank you for your impeccable planning!

Because of everyone’s generosity, we are able to keep Sprout Up running strong and expand our programs to more and more schools. Thank YOU and see you next year!


Instructor of the Week

Tom Tran, Sprout Up Santa Barbara

Tom “Twig” Tran has always been a nature explorer. As a kid he wanted to dig in the dirt as an archaeologist, just like Indiana Jones. Today, he still has that same passion—biking, hiking and camping throughout Santa Barbara—and brings his knowledge of the natural world into Sprout Up classrooms.

Twig thinks that “knowledge should be shared in order to dissolve the mysteries of the world and discover it’s wonders.” He believes happiness and being in a healthy environment go hand in hand, and he has proven to stoke kids out on being outdoors and in the wild.

Tom’s dedication to our youth and to preserving the natural world seed kids’ interest in learning about the environment and preserving it.

Thank you for teachin’ with your totally rad talents, Twig!